Chess Clubs
& Chess Schools

We are here to assist chess clubs, chess schools and coaches with sourcing good quality chess game equipment through our online chess shop.

Our products include varieties of:

  • chess boards

  • chess pieces

  • chess clocks

  • carrier bags and suit cases

  • teaching equipment

  • chess books

We have such an extensive variety, we recommend that you browse through our online store to discover what we have. Although, you can always ask us for advice or information about any of our chess products.

Part of Sunrise Chess & Games mission is to promote the game of chess, to support chess clubs, chess schools and coaches through supplying top quality chess game equipment and teaching apparatus at the best possible prices.

Our company will provide the best possible deal.

Playing chess can improve analytical, tactical and problem solving skills. Children’s imagination, patience and attention span is improved through learning how to play chess and through the experience of playing chess. Chess can also be employed to provide some family time and to encourage discussion between participants and spectators.

As the exclusive European distributors of Quality Chess (UK) and Mongoose Press (USA) chess book publications, our literary store is full of titles written by professionals for amateur, novice and other professional chess players. Please do visit the book section of our web site.


Our company was founded in 1996 and is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale of wooden chess and games. In 2013, we opened an online chess store.



If you run or you are a member of the chess club or chess school and you look for chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks or other accessories, we invite you to browse our offer.



In the production process of our chess sets we put the great importance to the quality of the product as well as fair treatment of the workers and the environment.