Since its establishment in 1996, it has been growing steadily. We are a Polish company located in Lublin, Poland (Europe).

Our company Sunrise Chess & Games.

Our team of experienced crafts people produce a variety of hand crafted wooden games of which chess games, checkers / draughts and backgamon are our most popular. Our offices are ideally located beside our warehouse and this is where our international sales team is based. Our online chess store was launched in 2013.

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Our hand crafted wooden games are exported to many European countries and also to the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Our Crafts People and Games

The very finest Polish craftsmen produce our Polish hand crafted wooden games. The various styled and themed chess sets are a physical incarnation of their passion, energy and character. This is how and why we promote the sales of these crafted games above mass produced products. Carving, burning and inlaying make these games individual and unique even within the same batch.

Your appreciation of time, effort and hand crafted wooden games is our reward. Keep in mind, a team of ten crafts people are required to produce one wooden chess set. In retrospect, when you purchase one of our hand crafted wooden games, you are purchasing a quality product that has been crafted and inspected by several people.

We invite you to shop in our chess online store and also to visit our warehouse in Lublin, Poland.

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Sunrise Chess & Games
ul. Szarugi 59a
21-002 Marysin, Poland

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Our company was founded in 1996 and is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale of wooden chess and games. In 2013, we opened an online chess store.



If you run or you are a member of the chess club or chess school and you look for chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks or other accessories, we invite you to browse our offer.



In the production process of our chess sets we put the great importance to the quality of the product as well as fair treatment of the workers and the environment.