Ethical Importance

Sunrise Chess & Games place ethics before anything else. We believe that true product quality isnt just the end appearance of a product but it is the entire process from beginning to end. This is why we source our raw materials from sustainable forestry and believe in fair treatment to the environment, our employees and customers.


The specifications of our Staunton chess pieces and chess boards meet the requirements of The World Chess Federation (FIDE). They are appropriate and suitable for chess tournaments. Our selection of chess equipment carrier bags and suit cases as well as chess clocks and chess books are highly recommended to construct a professional chess set. If you would like to view the FIDE web site information page regarding the standards of chess boards and pieces, please use this web link:

the FIDE web site

Customised Chess Games

If you require a custom made chess game, please communicate with us and we can develop the design and dimensions to suit your requirements.


Our services also include personalisation of chess boards using laser engraving or screen printing. Starting prices for a chess set with a laser engraved inscription or logo is Euro 8.00.

Advertisement Campaigns

Advertising agencies may find this offer particularly attractive in their own promotion campaigns.

Own Label, Own Brand and Post Purchase Advertisement

Customised outer packaging with your own label, own brand and post purchase advertisement can build a loyal customer community. This may appeal especially to independant retailers.

Tree Species and Types of Wood

Sunrise Chess & Games use the following species of wood in the construction of their chess sets (please use the Iwkipedia web links to read further information about the tree species):

more info about Beech
more info about Birch
more info about Cherry
more info about Hornbeam
more info about Lime
more info about Mahogany
more info about Maple
more info about Oak
more info about Sycamore
more info about Walnut
more info about Wenge

Parts of our wooden chess boards use mahogany and wenge veneer.

Weighted Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are weighted with steel. We do not use toxic lead for weighting chess pieces ! Caution !, chess is not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small components which may become a choking hazard if ingested.

Guarantee of Individuality and Quality

Each hand crafted chess set is as individual and as unique as the chess set crafted before it or after it. Quality is 100% guaranteed.


Our company was founded in 1996 and is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale of wooden chess and games. In 2013, we opened an online chess store.



If you run or you are a member of the chess club or chess school and you look for chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks or other accessories, we invite you to browse our offer.



In the production process of our chess sets we put the great importance to the quality of the product as well as fair treatment of the workers and the environment.